Medical Esthetic

Medical Esthetic

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Most operations within the plastic surgery area will require the use of a general anaesthetic.
At Medical Esthetic we pay very close attention to that part of the procedure. Often, when making the decision, patients don not fully appreciate the importance of proper anaesthetic. Has it ever crossed your mind to ask who, how and by what means is going to anaesthetise you? Our clinic is equipped with the most modern Draeger anaesthetic machine with Infinity monitoring station which controls life parameters of the patient during the operation. It provides full control over the anaesthetizing process. Our operating theatre is air conditioned and equipped with special new ventilation technology, providing comfort and safety of work.
An experienced anaesthetics team is crucial for success of the operation. At Medical Esthetic, all anaesthesiologists have at least several years of experience working in operating theatres. Dr. Marian Krakowiak who heads the team has over 25 years of experience.
Risk and complications
Every surgery carries some risk. In order to minimise any possible risk of complications, you must provide the surgeon with all details relating to your health, especially if you smoke, are on medication or have undergone a surgery in or around the area which is to be operated upon. You can minimise the risk significantly by choosing a well-qualified and experienced plastic surgeon and by strictly following their advice before and after the surgery. Although currently all plastic surgery procedures are very safe, your surgeon will discuss any possible, although unlikely, complications in connection with your treatment.
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