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Medical Esthetic

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Protruding ears often run in the family. Approximately 30% of children whose parents have protruding ears suffer from the same condition and have to face the same problems from early childhood. Even in adulthood protruding ears can cause embarrassment to their owner.
Otoplasty (i.e. ear correction) can be performed at any time after five years of age. At the age of five the ear cartilage almost reaches the size of an adult cartilage and is durable enough to support the ear during surgery. Special stitching techniques which were elaborated and tested during years of practice are applied to reinstate the natural shape of ear cartilage. You do not have to think about your ears. If not, otoplasty provides fast, effective and lasting results.
Adults can undergo the surgery under a local or general anaesthetic. We recommend performing the surgery in children under a general anaesthetic, as the procedure takes one to two hours. A small incision is made in the crease behind the ear so that the scar does not show.
After the surgery a large protective dressing must be worn for three days. For two weeks afterwards children must wear a headband at all times (day and night) and for further four weeks it is needed at night only. The headband protects the ears from rapid change of position during the initial healing process. Adults may decide to wear the headband at night only. You can resume normal activity after two weeks, but refrain from contact sports for six weeks. Initially your ears will feel numb and look flat in relation to your head. Slight bruising is normal and it subsides within two weeks. As with other plastic surgery procedures, you will not experience much pain. Everything is back to normal after four to six weeks.
Risk and complications
Every surgery carries some risk. In order to minimise any possible risk of complications, you must provide the surgeon with all details relating to your health, especially if you smoke, are on medication or have undergone a surgery in or around the area which is to be operated upon. You can minimise the risk significantly by choosing a well-qualified and experienced plastic surgeon and by strictly following their advice before and after the surgery. Although currently all plastic surgery procedures are very safe, your surgeon will discuss any possible, although unlikely, complications in connection with your treatment.