Medical Esthetic

Medical Esthetic

  • Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

    As time goes by, the skin on the face and neck begins to lose elasticity, gradually forming wrinkles...

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  • Body Contouring Procedures

    Liposuction is a surgical procedure performed to correct your body contour by removing excess fat from specific areas of the body...

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  • Information on Breast Surgery

    Breast enlargement is a surgical procedure aiming at increasing the size of female breasts...

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Botox or botulinum toxin - unlike Restylane, Radiesse or Juvaderm - it is not a dermal filler which plumps out lines, wrinkles and hollow skin. Botox relaxes facial muscles which are responsible for new wrinkles.
Dermal fillers
Facial plastic surgery, chemical skin peel, laser skin resurfacing or Botox will not solve all skin problems. Sometimes frown lines between eyebrows or around the mouth are too deep. A small wrinkle between the side of your mouth and your chin (a fold of skin and fat drooping to or below the jaw line) makes your face look angry and sad.
Fat grafting
Transfer of own fatty tissue. An alternative to artificial materials, fat grafting involves transfer of own fatty tissue to increase the volume of the face. Fatty tissue is collected with a small cannula from inner and outer leg or from the abdomen.
IPL (Impulse Light Therapy) or ProLight Facials is an easier and more effective method to treat rosacea and other forms of skin discolouration. It is a breakthrough technology which helps remove red patches and pigmentation changes caused by exposure to sunlight.
Pelleve TM
Pelleve TM is an innovative non-invasive method of skin tightening in order to treat fine and moderate facial lines. Thanks to Pellevé TM the patient may feel and look fresh and natural.
Natural stimulation of body's own collagen production by micro needling of the skin. It involves moving a roller with hundreds of small sharp needles along the face which is previously anaesthetised. The idea came from an observation that tattooed skin always looks smooth and young. That's how roll-cit was invented.
Sculptra contains poly-l-lactic acid which is also an ingredient of sutures used in surgical procedures. A bottle of Sculptra is mixed one day before the treatment. The face is anaesthetised and then the product is injected into the hollow areas of the face - cheeks, temples, eyebrows and sides.